Myst III: Exile Presto Studios, Inc. / Ubi Soft Entertainment Software 2001

Unlike its predecessors, Myst and Riven, it was not produced by Cyan, Inc., the series' creator. The game continued in the style of the previous games, allowing the player to navigate through fictional worlds by clicking on prerendered images. On the technical side, a 360-degree panorama system was introduced (first seen in The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time and Atlantis: The Lost Tales), allowing the player to look around smoothly, with video clips seamlessly integrated. The game featured live action performances including Rand Miller, the creator of the Myst series, returning to play Atrus once again, and Brad Dourif, starring as Saavedro. Myst's ongoing story line is as convoluted as it is fantastic. Central to the story is the mysterious civilization of the D'ni, which creates entire worlds by writing books. Other books are used to link the D'ni worlds together. Myst trapped the player in a series of interconnected worlds, and challenged the player to puzzle through the ramblings of two mad brothers in order to free Atrus, their imprisoned father. Riven revealed more of the history of the D'ni, and sent the player to the unstable world of Riven in order to rescue Atrus's wife. Myst III: Exile concerns Atrus's earnest attempt at creating a new world. He hopes this world will mark the rebirth of the D'ni, but before he finishes his book, a thief (portrayed in the game by actor Brad Dourif) breaks into his laboratory and mucks things up. You have to track this thief through worlds written by Atrus in his earlier years. Within each world you must right the wrongs the thief has created, all the while uncovering a deeper mystery surrounding his relationship to Atrus and his troublesome children. New to the game is a full 3-D landscape, which replaces the static prerendered artwork of the previous games. The gorgeous new graphics allow you to quickly pan and scan your way through an area, looking for puzzles and action spots with the hand cursor. The puzzles have been improved so that you can now see changes to the environment immediately after you solve one, rather than simply moving on to the next picture. Still, the puzzles are often wickedly difficult and may prove frustrating to new players. The environment is the true star of the game, and is sure to enchant players of all stripes. As before, the music and artwork are topnotch and immersing, and the experience is not easily forgotten. Myst fans of old will be delighted with this new installment, and those new to the series will be enchanted, provided they are willing to spend time on the puzzles, enjoy the scenery, and let the game carry them away.
ISO Demo 3.35GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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DVD ISO Demo 3.1GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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