Mystery At Greveholm 3: The Old Legend Vioma Digital Media / Young Genius Software 2000

This is the third and last game in the "Mystery at Greveholm" series based on a Swedish tv series. In the first game you enter the haunted castle of Greveholm in order to free the Princess of the planet Planutus from the imprisonment of the evil skeleton of the dead Greveholm count and then help send her back to her planet after finding and fixing the missing parts of her spaceship. In the second game you travel to planet Planutus to save the princess once again from the captivity of evil Jellyfish King. Now, in this third episode the story is completely different and you play as the princess herself and once again you are in the Greveholm castle. Your task is to help find all the missing portraits of the duke of Greveholm and place them back on the wall in the Piano room. The portraits are painted on the back of the duke's musical scores. The main objective of finding these portraits is that the duke wants to get marry and to find him a suitable wife these portraits must be sent all over Sweden to show how handsome the duke is. Puzzles are mostly finding different inventory items and placing them in their right place. Many pots and gold parchments scattered in the game provide clues and hints for different puzzles. Visually, the game is a fine example of nice graphics. Control interface is smooth and mouse controlled. The inventory is easily accessible by clicking the briefcase icon in the lower interface area. The music and sound effects are marvelous and quite enjoyable throughout the game.
Clone ISO Demo 455MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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