Mystery House Roberta & Ken Williams / Sierra Online 1982

This might have been the first graphical adventure written. The graphics were actually black and white line drawings with stick figures for people but that didn't stop the game from being an instant success although it had no sound, no color, and no animations. The game eventually sold 10,000 copies at $24.95 and established Sierra. It was first released in 1980 then rereleased by SierraVenture iin 1982. Search an old house for a treasure while learning who's killing off the house's members. You even get to kill two people (one completely innocent) before the game ends, but of course that doesn't make you a murderer. This was released into the public domain at Sierra's 10th anniversary (around 1987-88). Elements from the game were reintroduced a later game called The Colonel's Bequest.
Apple II Version Full Demo (@ Henrique Vianna)
Fan Modified Versions using Glulx Interpreter (@ Mystery House Taken Over)
Browser-Playable Apple II Version ( @ Virtual Apple)
Roberta Williams Anthology 4CD ISO Demo includes - King's Quest 1-7, Adventure In Serenia, Mission:Asteroid, Mystery House, Time Zone, Laura Bow 1&2:Colonel's Bequest/Dagger Of Amon Ra, Mixed-Up Mother Goose - 1990 SCI remake, Phantasmagoria demo, Dark Crystal (Apple II) 1.41GB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Hi-Res Adventure #0-6 with ScummVM & AppleWin emu 41.5MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Roberta Williams Anthology (1996) 4CD ISO Demo mirror (uploaded by hgdagon)

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