Nancy Drew 20: Ransom of the Seven Ships Her Interactive 2009

Nancy Drew and her best friends Bess and George travel to the Bahamas for a fun-filled vacation when Bess is suddenly kidnapped and held for ransom. Throughout the game, players assume the role of either Nancy or George, depending on the scene, as they search for the missing artifact from the "Seven Virtues" fleet that will rescue Bess from the kidnappers. During the quest for the lost treasure, players will immerse themselves in the Bahamas diving, sailing, and interacting with wildlife. They will also decrypt a riddle book, unlock treasure chests and explore dangerous underwater shipwrecks. Play mini-games with the monkeys at the research center to earn fun prizes. Take risks without starting over – the game will automatically return the player to the point before the fatal mistake. Choose from two difficulty settings (Jr. or Sr. Detective) to allow players of all skill levels to solve the mystery.
Free Browser-Playable Color Squares Mini-Game ( @ Official Site)
Level Demo 240MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2CD ISO Demo 1.18GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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