Neverwinter Nights BioWare Corporation / Infogrames, Inc. 2002

Based on the Dungeons and Dragon 3rd edition rules, you can play a single player campaign worth 60 hours of gameplay or take to the internet and challenge fellow warriors in a range of challenges and more. Set in a medieval fantasy world, you have the opportunity to choose from plenty of different races, magic classes and battle styles to insure your character is a unique prospect in the world. The main quests have you challenging the greatest evil in the world of Forgotten Realms, with mini-quests to stem the tide between major battles. Some mini-quests are class specific, while others can alter your stance between good and evil. If you're not happy with the world Bioware has created for you, you can create your own using an advanced yet simple tool kit. Create a world full of your own special characters, items and deadly situations, that only you can solve. Multiplayer modes including Dungeon Master (where you control the traps and battles set for other players in the dungeon) and a range of game types such as hunting for treasure or a simple death match battle between players. In Mar 27/2018, an Enhanced Edition was released with: Improved Display - Your portrait, combat bar, inventory, and other UI elements adjust in size based on your chosen resolution including 1080p and 4k; Advanced Graphics Options - Pixel shaders and post-processing effects make for crisper, cleaner visuals. Enable contrast, vibrance, and depth of field options as preferred; Community Endorsed - Original developers have teamed with key members of the Neverwinter Nights community to curate important fan-requested improvements to support players, storytellers, and modders; Backwards Compatibility - Works with save games, modules, and mods from the original Neverwinter Nights. A galaxy of community created content awaits.

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Multilanguage Level Demo 313MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Included in:Platinum DVD ISO Demo NWN + Hordes Of The Underdark + Shadows Of Undrentide 2.21GB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Included in:Diamond DVD ISO Demo NWN v1.66 + Hordes Of The Underdark + Shadows Of Undrentide + Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, and Witch's Wake Remastered plus all patches 2.86GB (uploaded by Shattered)
3CD ISO Demo 1.80GB (uploaded by Shattered)
included in Neverwinter Nights Complete 2DVD ISO 10GB (uploaded by Trey)
Included in: Diamond GOG Digital ISO Demo (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish seperate downloads) 2.73GB/2.61GB/2.55GB/2.53GB/2.60GB/2.54GB (uploaded by Shattered)
included in Diamond GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.21 2.52GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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