Nibiru: The Messenger Of The Gods / Nibiru: Age Of Secrets Future Games & Unknown Identity / The Adventure Company 2005

From the developers in the Czech Republic who frightened us with Black Mirror comes this atmospheric, point-and-click adventure. Nibiru is a remake of an earlier game – Posel Bohu - by the same developers. Posel Bohu was originally released in 1998 and was voted Czech adventure game of the year. Story and gameplay adjustments were made and a complete graphic overhaul was done. You play Martin Holan, a linguistics and archeology student who has been contacted by his uncle to examine a mysterious World War II tunnel unearthed while building a new highway in Bohemia. A friend of Martin's uncle is supposed to meet Martin upon his arrival to brief him on the mysterious discovery, however when he arrives in Prague he discovers she has been murdered. What begins as a short expedition to Prague to examine an enigmatic tunnel turns into a dangerous and thrilling mystery, where murder, deception, the deep dark secrets of the Nazis, and the demise of the Mayan civilization, have our hero reeling into the heart of an exhilarating adventure.
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Level Demo v1.2 140MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2CD ISO Demo 1.08GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Included in Adventure Collection: Volume One (2008)2DVD ISO Demo 3.93 + 2.76GB (upped by Egon68)

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