Nick Bounty: A Case Of The Crabs Pinhead Games 2004

Something stinks and it smells like crab, only there's something funny about these crustaceans. You play as Detective Nick Bounty, who despite his ability to solve the most tangled cases, has yet to work for a paying client. This time it's up to you to discover who knocked off a local seafood salesman and get to the bottom of a diabolical counterfeiting operation. This free game has stylish black & white "film noir" graphics. It's fully vocalized by talented actors and written in Flash for maximum compatablity. In Sep/2020, A Case of the Crabs: Rehash, a commercial remake was released with: updated 3D Black & White “film noir” aesthetic; fully re-recorded dialog by the original cast; SOME updated jokes.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by JayIsGames)
Full Freeware 7Mb (@ Caiman)
2020 Remake Screenshots/Videos

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