Disney's Nightmare Ned Creative Capers Entertainment, Window Painters / Disney Interactive 1997

Help Nightmare Ned overcome his greatest fears. Strange things happen when you look at the world through the eyes of a ten year old boy with an overactive imagination. Ordinary fears turn into haunting, yet hysterically wacky nightmares. While exploring the depths of his hilarious dreams, you'll help Ned conquer his fears by confronting them yourself. Explore five nightmare worlds and test your skills by solving mind-challenging puzzles and eluding bizarre creatures. Experience a totally different game every time you play by discovering hidden areas and multiple gamepaths. Meet hilarious characters like a demented dentist who's dangerous to your health. Battle zombie parents and other zany creatures. Just remember, your only weapon is a yo-yo. So use it or lose it. Ever been inside a house where the wallpaper reaches out to grab you? Ever had furniture thrown at you by a ghost? Check out Ned's nightmare in the attic, basement & beyond. What if you became ill and the sicko nurse wouldn't let you go home? That's just one of your problems in Ned's school nightmare. Does your dentist smile when sticking you with a needle? Drop by Ned's medical nightmare, where your health is always at risk. What kind of creepy creatures are lurking in your toilet? In Ned's bathroom nightmare, you'll see just how dangerous a trip to the toilet can be.
ISO Demo 236MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Full Demo with PCem Win95 emulator 796MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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