Obscura: The Shadow Blade Sarbakan 2005

This is an intense 3D action adventure game set in dark and gothic 16th century Venice. The player takes on the role of Zephira, a supernatural being who was once a teenage girl, on a quest to retrieve the eye of Death from the hands of the vampire, Andreas Strozzi. Only by exploring the eeriest places of old Venice, and by fighting wave after wave of supernatural creatures such as Reapers, Golems and Mummies, will she be able to retrieve the precious ancient artefact. This features intuitive mouse-driven combat and magic skills, and a creepy atmosphere enhanced by a haunting soundtrack. Play as Zephira, a powerful supernatural being that was once mortal. Engage in intense combat utilizing physical and magical abilities to destroy hordes of magical creatures such as vampires, mummies and golems. Explore 16th century Venice and its twisted reflection in an otherworldly plane. Use the Scream, a chilling attack that stuns your nemesis, and find the fabled Shadow Blade in your quest to retrieve the Eye of Death.
15-Minute Trial Demo 24MB (uploaded by Absolute Games)
Full Demo 26MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Full Demo 26MB (uploaded by roioros)

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