Over The Hedge Beenox Studios / Activision 2006

Based on the 3D animated film, "Over the Hedge" with Bruce Willis voicing the mischievous con-artist raccoon R.J., and Garry Shandling as the voice of the sensitive turtle named Verne. When R.J., Verne and their woodland friends find a suburban housing development encroaching on their forest home, Verne's first instinct is to retreat into his shell and leave, but the ever-opportunistic R.J. sees a treasure trove to be had from his unsuspecting new neighbors. Together, Verne and R.J. form an unlikely friendship as they learn to co-exist with - and even exploit this strange new world called suburbia. Numerous puzzles and mini-games keep fans busy as they switch between two of the four main characters (also including Hammy the Squirrel and Stella the Skunk) or engage in two player cooperative play with friends. Some of the mini-games include bumper cars, RC rallies, and golf range drivers. Players can join their two characters briefly into one wily unit. Your character can jump on the shoulders of another and when merged they can pull off spin moves and more damaging attacks. You'll jump on rooftops and smash them apart, you'll avoid manic traps, run through neighborhoods and play mini-puzzle games.
Level Demo 183MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo 128MB Intro-Outro 33MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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2CD ISO Demo 1.1GB (uploaded by Meddle)

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