Overclocked: A History of Violence House of Tales / ANACONDA 2007

From the makers of Moment Of Silence, this is an extraordinary story revolving around psychiatrist David McNamara and five traumatized young patients. The five young men and women are found barely clothed, the apparent victim of a traumatic act of violence, in the rain-drenched streets of New York City. McNamara is called to help as an expert psychiatrist. At the Staten Island Forensic Hospital he is tasked with treating the young patients – who all suffer from severe amnesia. Dave begins to carefully probe their memory, trying to reveal their obscured past. The innovative story-telling approach of Overclocked sees the player take on the role of the patients as they are questioned, playing and exploring their memories one by one. In reverse chronology, the player makes his way through the shards of their past and experiences frightening events that seem incoherent at first. The insights gained can then used back in the role of Dave McNamara to piece together the interconnections between the victims and open up new lines of questioning. In the role of McNamara, the player also explores present day New York, egularly meeting NYPD specialist Moretti in a bar close to his hotel to discuss the particulars of the mysterious case. English version is due in Feb/08.
Level Demo 952MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2DVD ISO Demo 5.79GB (uploaded by Molitor)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v. 5.37GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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