Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End Eurocom Entertainment / Disney Interactive Studios 2007

This is the first game to tie into the events of both the second and the third films (as well as introducing new legendary pirates, locations and unique endings). Combat is full of Sparrow-esque flamboyance: sweeping enemies' legs out from under them, evading by rolling over an opponent's back as he charges in, and of course, over the top finishing moves such as slamming a foot down on a floorboard so that the other end swings up into your opponent's face. Jackanisms tie in with another central theme of the game; you must "Live and die by the sword". The sword is the most important tool in the game. It's not just for combat, you can also use it in a variety of interesting ways - to ride a flying fox, to jam into a sail and ride the rip to the ground, to create a grapple point in a wall (think PoP: The Two Thrones), for puzzles, and naturally, to save your hide. If you're walking along a narrow beam and fall, Jack sticks the sword into the beam, saving himself. Similar deal if you're fighting on a ship's deck on rough seas - the sword can be the difference between going overboard and living to tell the tale. You can even dip your sword in tar and set it on fire. There will also be large scale battles in the game with Jack, Will and Elizabeth all battling tooth and nail, with the player able to swap between them at will. There's also a heavy dose of exploration and puzzle solving, with a number of side-quests as well.
Level Demo 320MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 1.65GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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