Popeye & The Sunken Treasure Brilliant Digital Entertainment 1998

This is one game in a series of Multipath Movies(TM) by Brilliant Digital Entertainment. These games are pure interactive movies that display a movie that allows for the player to select among multiple paths at opportune junctures of the storyline. In that way, the game is a "choose your own adventure" movie. Unlike other games of the interactive movie genre, which generally display the movie bits using pre-rendered full motion video, this game renders 3D models of the movie in real time. Ahoy there mateys! Join Popeye, our sea faring , spinach loving hero in his race against the evil sea hag. You decide who will be the first to find a sunken treasure of gold & diamonds!
ISO Demo 577MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Brilliant 3D Projector (to play videos on seperate player) 1.1MB (uploaded by TheQuality)

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