Prince Of Persia 3D Red Orb Entertainment / The Learning Company 1999

In this first 3D sequel to the classic puzzle action series, you are just minding you business, having dinner with the Sultan (who happens to be you father-in-law) your new bride, and the Sultan's brother, when all of a sudden everything changes. The Sultan's nephew has imprisoned you and captured your bride, and now you're going to have to fight to regain the life you worked so hard to earn. Escape your cell and evade deadly traps, break spells and find weapons and deal with diabolical puzzles. There's 12 complex levels and seven detailed environments. The third-person viewpoint can make things a little confusing sometimes but the various palaces, caverns, dungeons and ruined cities have been well created and some of the many opponents you will face on your travels are truly fierce. Armed initially with just a sword, you'll eventually progress to magic potions and a bow and arrow - this doesn't sound like much, but the combat system is actually very elegant, relying on a good sense of timing and dexterity. Players used to more destructive projectile weapons might be disappointed, though. The combat system alone sets it apart from the rest of the pack, but also contributing to the game's atmosphere are the many puzzles and traps, the latter including some nasty razor-edged gadgets that bring tears to the eyes.
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First Level with new textures + DX10 wrapper + Reshade by Joel Houten 510MB (uploaded by Shattered)
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Level Demo ~50MB (uploaded by
making-of video included in Prince of Persia Collection (1998) ISO Demo 597MB (uploaded by Shattered) * Prince Of Persia v1.4 Prince Of Persia 2 v1.1, Video of "The making of Prince of Persia 3D", Nightmare Creatures without CDA tracks, and demos of Riven, The Journeyman Project 3, and Warlords III: DarkLords Rising.
2CD ISO Demo ~570MB (uploaded by zobraks)
2CD ISO Demo & crack 786MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Full Demo Polish Menu/English Voices 430MB (uploaded by hfric)
Unpacked v1.01 patch 4.5MB (uploaded by Shattered)
making-of video included in Prince of Persia: Collector's Edition - Clone ISO Demo 536MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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