Queen: The Eye Destination Design / Electronic Arts, Inc. 1998

This is an action-adventure that featured music by the rock group Queen. The game is set in the future where the world is ruled by an all-seeing machine called "The eYe" which has eradicated everything that promotes creative expression. You play Dubroc, a secret agent of The eYe who in the course of his duties has re-discovered a database of popular rock music, and is sentenced to death in "The Arena", a live television show broadcast through satellites to the world in which the contestant battles fighting arena champions called the Watchers... from there Dubroc, the secret agent, goes on a quest to destroy The eYe. Elements of the story do seem to bear a remarkable resemblance to that of the later Queen musical, We Will Rock You. The game contained five CDs which, along with the electronic files in the game itself, featured instrumental remixes of many Queen tracks and is considered a collector's item by fans due to this music. There was a spin-off novel by Paul Darrow of the story of the Earth and how The Eye gained power over it, leading up to the situation that exists in the computer game. Also, there was a book called The Art Of Queen - The Eye with pictures and stills from the game, as well as in-depth descriptions of how scenes, scenery and characters were designed, with rough illustrations and computer-generated images. It included a cd also with snippets of the game.
5CD ISO Demo + DOSBox 2.3GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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Full Demo with DOSBox 1.25GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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