Reksio and Kretes in The Secret of the Third Dimension / Reksio i Kretes : Tajemnica Trzeciego Wymiaru [PL] Aidem Media 2007

An independent, logical and dexterity addition to the "Adventures of Rex" series. Does not require an installation of other games in the series, or familiarity with them. A mysterious sound coming from the woods in the middle of the night wakes up Rex, Kretes and Cock Inventor. The friends, in spite of the danger, venture out to find the source of the noise. Soon in the wood clearing nearby they discover a huge black monolith of unknown origin. Kretes touches its surface and suddenly all three heroes are sucked into the abyss of the third dimension. Someone kidnapped the friends and placed them at the bottom of the Dark Tower. Someone took them out of the safe flat picture and sent them to hostile three-dimensional space. Someone prepared 54 labyrinths to put their friendship to a test. Someone without any scruples. Someone familiar... Rex – climbs ladders, moves objects, barks. Kretes – operates lifts, blocks particle emitters, has a buzzbone and moans. Cock Inventor –flies, moves crates, pushes balls and stutters when he cackles. Help the characters get out of the trap using their unusual abilities!
Polish ISO Demo 256MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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