Rent-A-Hero neo Software / THQ, Inc 1998

You are Rodrigo. Rodrigo is a hero. You think that's cool? Not in this game! You live at the isle Tol Andar and there live many, many other heroes. The problem is, that there are not enough princesses to rescue or dragons to slay for all heroes. At this time Rodrigo is unemployed. Another problem comes from the pirates. These guys want to raid the city Smashville. With the magical gloomstones they want to create flying ships. Confronted with this situation Rodrigo is very disillusioned. Just in time, the dwarf Ramil hires Rodrigo to find his wife Jasmin. Jasmin was captured from the pirates and was held in the city of Endavin. This is the beginning of the story. Rent-a-hero is a typical point and click adventure. The characters are modeled in 3D but the background graphics are traditional 2D. There are over 30 locations and over 30 characters to interact with. With its comic anachronisms and pirate theme, the game's humour is similar to that of the Monkey Island games.
2CD ISO Demo 652MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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