Requiem Hurts [J] Illusion Software 2001

The year is 2197. Sapporo, the largest city on the northern Hokkaido island in Japan, has become the crime capital of the country, earning the title of "city of lust". Powerful criminal organizations are controlling the city, and the police is unable to do anything. Only a handful of lone heroes, led by two beautiful young girls, Kikuno and Chisame, can take on the criminals and restore the order in the city. Requiem Hurts has three gameplay modes: adventure, rail shooter, and interactive sex scenes. In the adventure mode, the protagonists of the game run through 3D levels viewed from a third-person perspective. You can jump and climb automatically, but it is sometimes necessary to run before jumping. There is also a light element of puzzle-solving in some of the levels. The rail shooter parts will occur at fixed moments during the exploration of a level. Your character moves automatically, and your goal is to aim and shoot at enemies who keep popping out. Various upgrades can also be shot during those fights. During the interactive sex scenes, your goal is to bring the girl's "pleasure meter" to the top. This is achieved by alternating between different positions. The player can control the speed of the action by clicking and dragging the left mouse button, simulating movement.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo 640MB (uploaded by Trey)
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo 1.1GB (uploaded by cam)

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