Rhem Knut Mueller / Got Game Entertainment 2002

RHEM is a first-person, point and click adventure that can be compared to Riven. You ride into the large, unusual world of Rhem in a mining cart and soon you discover that you are unable to leave. Your major objective is to find a way to leave Rhem. To do this you must find and reconstruct a letter which has been divided into four parts and hidden. You will do this totally alone without interaction with any other characters. Many of the areas are closed to you at first and the way to open them is by solving a multitude of adventure-type puzzles. There are mechanically based puzzles involving levers and switches, but you will also find codes to decipher and strange symbols, maps, color patterns and switchboxes. A 1 cd version was later released that had a fixed full install option, subtitles and many more improvements. In Feb/2017, a Special Edition: The Mysterious Land was released that features many new puzzles and areas plus many enhancements like "color-picker" or "skip mode" have been added.
Level Demo 32MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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AlcoholClone ISO Demo (uploaded by nanette) 620MB
Special Edition Level Demo 177MB (uploaded by Official Site)
3CD ISO Demo (provided by Alex & upped by Scaryfun) 1.20GB

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