Runaway 2: The Dream Of The Turtle Pendulo Studios / DTP / Anaconda 2006

Brian and Gina are returning in Runaway 2. It starts with Brian and Gina on holiday in Hawaii when unforseen incidents turn their beautiful holiday into a new adventure. In order to save Gina, Brian will face many challenges and will once again be helped by Sushi. Explore impenetrable forests, beautiful beaches, snow covered mountains and discover a forgotten civilization. Meet old friends and much more on this new adventure. With Runaway 2, Pendulo Studios will once again serve up a highly polished, detailed world. Without detracting from the cartoon adventure graphics that lend the game such charm, Pendulo has also brought in a whole host of technical improvements with changes to the game engine and the use of special effects. Characters benefit from real time depth and lighting effects; the settings are more lively and also feature dynamic lighting, atmospheric effects, real time camera changes and hundreds of animations. All this creates a very unique effect bringing together both game sequences and cartoon phases of which there are more than an hour in total. Runaway 2 gives the impression of experiencing an incredible adventure via a classic cartoon movie. The player progresses and interacts with real living environments crammed with detail. There are superb cinematics to accompany the player's progression through the game that also underpin the plot, its surprise developments and many comic moments.
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French Level Demo ~436Mb ( @ Worthdownloading) German Level Demo ~446Mb ( @ English Level Demo ~431Mb ( @ Game Pressure)
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DVD ISO Demo 3.76GB (uploaded by Meddle)

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