Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate Pendulo Studios / Focus Home Interactive 2009

This is the third and final game in the adventure series Runaway. Brian Basco is dead. We're attending his funeral, where Gina and other companions are saying goodbye to the once promising student. Whether or not Brian's body is really lying inside the coffin, we do not know. What is certain is that players will once again take control of the likeable youngster in the third game. That is to say, it's played via flashbacks, eventually revealing how Brian's supposed demise came to be. Besides re-enacting Brian's experiences, which start off with him being convicted for murder, players will also at times take control of Brian's better half, Gina Timmins. Unlike their last adventure, Gina will play a larger role in these events. Consequently, players will also be solving puzzles as the former stripper with her sporty hairdo and tight-fitting outfit. It has visually improved thanks to a new graphic engine. The game now has high resolution backgrounds, more detailed and expressive characters, and more realistic animations... The interface has also been improved and offers an inventory allowing you to check each item from every angle possible. You will also find an ingenious hint system that will guide you throughout difficult situations without giving away the solution to the puzzles.
DVD ISO Demo 5.20GB (uploaded by Egon68)
French Level Demo 778MB (uploaded by Worthdownloading)

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