Scavenger Hunter Sagewood Software 2006

After 7 years of hard work this independent adventure is finally being released. Until now adventure games have had limited replay value. Scavenger Hunter is a replayable game that randomly generates a new playing field for every new game. The AI software also ensures that tool locations, puzzles, puzzle solutions, treasures and their hiding places change each time the player begins a fresh game. The player is a member of the Inter-Universe Insurance Corporation's elite "Scavenger Hunter" task force, charged with going off world to track down and recover property stolen by "The Scavengers", a race of light fingered alien artists. You will encounter numerous obstacles along the way that will test your puzzle solving skills and attention to your surroundings. Recover everything on your list and a handsome reward will await you on your return. Over 4000 pre-rendered scenes are used to create this unique game which is suitable for all ages. The game features a "smart" cursor, unlimited save slots and a collection of puzzles that vary in degree of difficulty and style with each new game.
Level Demo 40Mb ( @ FileFront) Mirror Demo Patch
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ISO Demo (upped by Scaryfun & provided by nanette) 630MB

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