Scroll, The Vic Tokai Inc. / Psygnosis 1995

This is a CD version of the 1992 game "Daughter of Serpents" with voice acting and animations added as well as a few extra scenes. However, it's a cut down version with 4/6 of the whole game removed making it a Comic Book Adventure Horror Game driven by Item puzzles and without the RPG stats of the former game. You can only be Male on this CD version, and only see the Egyptologist and Occultist NORMAL ending ... of 3 possible for each one in the original game. For every possible profession you picked, there were 18 endings in the original... compared to only 2 in this CD version.
Full CD Demo 185MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)
ISO Demo 155MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo + Daughter of Serpents with DOSBox 319MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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