Shenanigans Bob Withers & Ron Krebs / Mark Data Products 1984

Countless legends tell of a magnificent Pot of Gold and enormous wealth hidden by leprechauns at the end of the rainbow. Many have attempted to find the marvelous treasure but success has eluded tham and it remains hidden to this day. Because you are a dedicated adventurer, eager to face danger and challenges for great rewards, you have determined to search for that fabled Pot of Gold and succeeded where others have failed. This is similar to early Polarware and Scott Adams titles. While these company's games were reasonably successful on Tandy's CoCo computer, the IBM PC versions did not achieve the same level of success. While the graphics are quite good at the time, the parser is quite primitive. The games make up for this with well-written plot, fun characters, and some clever puzzles. Bob Withers, co-creator of these games now offers them free and their source codes as well.
Freeware Game 67kb (uploaded by Nostalgia8)
Full Demo (@ XTC Abandonware)

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