Simon The Sorcerer Adventuresoft Ltd. / Infocom 1993

Simon is just an ordinary boy in an extra-ordinary world. A world in which he must rescue Calypso the Wizard by embarking on a long challenging quest. The game is a point-and-click adventure, using a typical interface with words such as 'Use', 'Open', 'Walk To' and 'Pick Up' (for these last two unlike Lucasarts' SCUMM games a simple click on that area of the screen won't do). The game's plot has a number of references and spoofs to fantasy and fairy tales, with the Three Billy Goats Gruff involved in a particularly significant scene. The humor is very British in places, with lots of dry sarcasm, and lots of Simpsons-esque self-references to the fact that this is a computer game. The levels are non-linear in layout, with puzzles spread across the lands. It is a surprisingly long game and the game world is quite large even by today's standards. It's beautifully drawn giving the story a magical, fairy tale quality. It was first released on 3.5 inch disks in 1993, then re-released in 1995 on CD, with voice. In April/2018, a 25th Anniversary Edition was released with: totally new, much praised, game play controls that were built from the ground up; Hotspot based - no more pixel hunting; All-new slick icons and animations; Quick actions using right-click; Completely new game menus and save/load system; Four Music options - New stereo recording and the Original music in MT-32, General MIDI or AdLib; A stunning new HD graphic mode that upscales the game beautifully to high-resolutions; Optional retro settings - play with original graphics, original music and even the original controls
Free High & Low Quality OGG Vorbis Soundtrack v2.0 88MB/20MB (@ James Woodcock)
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Full Demo 4MB (@ Fajnegry)
ISO Demo 80Mb (@ Gameslover's Network)
ISO Demo 110Mb (uploaded by Egon68)
(3x 1.44MB) Floppy Image v1.0 (uploaded by Molitor)
included in Simon the Sorcerer Double Pack (2002) ISO Demo 348MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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