Skool's Out MuckyBaby Productions / Xing Interactive 2004

Twenty days are all Derek has left before the worst report of his school life is released. Those who are old enough and with long memories will remember Skool Daze and the adventures to be had around the grounds of a school. Now there is a spiritual successor as we follow the exploits of possibly the worst schoolboy since the last one, Derek, who has four school weeks to make enough cash to bribe the caretaker and gain the password to the computer that stores his underwater grades. Shown in isometric 3D, Skool's Out aims to recreate those halcyon days of making mayhem and wreaking havoc all whilst trying to avoid getting caught. It also proffers an open ended game structure with multiple difficulty levels and a decidedly educational bent as you attend classes and answer questions posed.
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Level Demo 29MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)

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