So Blonde Wizarbox / DTP Entertainment 2008

So Blonde is an adventure game where you play as Sunny Blonde, a 17-year old blonde girl stranded on an island all by herself. Being on a cruise in the Bermudas, the ship is hit by a heavy thunderstorm and the cute girl escapes the tragedy in a life boat. On top of that, she is transported a few hundred years back in time, in an age when the pirates and buccaneers ruled the world. See Sunny exploring the beautiful Bermudas island and its various sub-locations. In the village, for example, Sunny enters a factory outlet of a clothing manufacturer – here, she will very much take interest in a wedding dress. Although the outlet sprays the romantic charm of the 17th century, this and other institutions in the village benefit from advanced commerce, technology and design. Anyway, huts are spotting the skyline of the native colony of chief Bajari. Here, Sunny will help the chieftain with the healing powers of a magical artefact which she got hold of trickily in the gloomy Voodoo temple of the island. What will be reserved to the blonde and the players is the insight that the marvellous artefact actually appears to be Sunny's MP3 player. When travelling the island, Sunny will often have to cross the jungle. Several kinds of mini games will freshen up the classical point & click gameplay. Amongst others, there will be a homage to the LCD games of the 1980's. But, for the complete adventure game, the mini games will amount only a small part of the playing time. Also, the level of difficulty of these mini games will be low enough that even unexperienced players will have the chance to go through them quickly. Renowned adventure game writer Steve Ince (“Broken Sword”) is responsible for the game's unusual story. Gamers will not only be faced with adventure and puzzling riddles but will see the protagonist grow from rich, spoiled luxury girl to a courageous survivor. The game has it all: a beautiful (anti-)heroine, jet black humor that goes far beyond trite cliches, gorgeous cartoon graphics and a ton of gameplay surprises.
German Level Demo 396MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 2.23GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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