Spaceship Warlock Reactor Inc. 1994

The Terran Empire no longer rules the galaxy. After a pan-galactic battle that lasted a thousand years, mankind lost the war against the powerful Kroll Imperium, as well as their planet. The Kroll moved the planet from its orbit and hid it deep in Krollian space. You start your adventure in Stambul, a world dominated by the Kroll Imperium. You manage to leave this ugly world and board the spaceship Belshazzar, which is attacked by the pirate ship Warlock. You are captured and taken aboard the pirate vessel, where you will embark on a journey across the galaxy to search for Terra, your stolen planet. Spaceship Warlock is a science fiction game with a 3rd-person perspective and simple mouse control. The player can pick up things one by one, and collected items are shown in the right bottom corner (the game doesn't have an inventory). It was originally published for the Macintosh in 1990 and ported for the PC in 1994. Despite its age it includes music, voices and lots of animations, and it even runs on Windows XP. It was one of the first CGI, interactive movies offered on CD-ROM - a compliment often given to Myst - but it also had a fair share of setbacks. For one, its initial version was released on Macintosh exclusively, with its PC version not released until much later, when PC gamers had already played many similar games. Second, its CGI graphics were rendered at a time when it took several weeks to produce any one scene, so such scenes in the game were very few (ie, the game was terribly short!). It also was a CD-only game, at a time when few people had such CD-ROMs for their systems (yet). Even so, it had many pluses. Its storyline, at least, was quite unique. The premise was good, as was one of the first offerings of a fully-voiced "interactive movie," with lip-synched characters, amusing sound effects, and cool event music.
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ISO Demo 148Mb (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with DOSBox 255MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
OEM ISO Demo 237MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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