Spirou Infogrames Europe SA / Infogrames, Inc. 1996

This is a relatively obscure 2D side-scrolling platformer designed by Infogrames based on a popular Belgian comic. Spirou is a bumbling bellboy who looks like he could be Tintin's younger brother. In Spirou, you task is to rescue the world-famous scientist Count Champaignac from the clutches of an evil organization intent on using his latest invention to take over the world. The game sports colorful cartoony graphics, fluid animations, and funny antics that fans of the comic will recognize. If you enjoy the likes of Pitfall, Jungle Book, or Infogrames' other licensed cartoon platformers (most notably the Tintin series), you will probably also like this less known game. It offers a solid plot, crisp graphics and sound effects, as well as a challenging but fun gameplay. It has "interactive" backgrounds, interesting levels, and more surprises than Lucky Luke. Too bad the variety of gameplay is not as good as Tintin games.
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Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)
ISO Demo (upped by Old_Schooler)

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