Spy Kids Learning Adventures: Mission - The Underground Affair Finite Monkeys, Inc. / Brighter Minds Media, Inc. 2004

The Underground Affair is one in a series of three Spy Kids Learning Adventures games based on the series of popular movies. In this episode, a huge amount of anti-gravity mineral ore has gone missing from its silo. This material has applications in the spy business and the Spy Kids are called in to investigate the situation. In order to solve the mystery, the Spy Kids must solve a series of puzzles in an accompanying book. The action unfolds in a colorful, comic book-style of narration. There's never before seen footage from spy kids 2 & spy kids 3-d. Throughout the CD-ROM adventure, the story pauses and sends players to find access codes in the accompanying 32-page "Official Spy Codebook." Players need to work through word searches, word unscrambles, math puzzles and the like, using a pen or pencil, to find the codes. The adventure also involves children in eight interesting interactive puzzles (each has three levels of difficulty). In one activity, they must align crystals in a grid so that the crystals conform to specified rules relating to color and shape.
ISO Demo ~212MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Spy Kids Learning Adventures: Mission: The Anti-Gravity Agenda - ISO Demo 202MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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