Starfight VI: Gatekeepers JP Production 2000

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is capable of making those that start wars. StarFight VI: Gatekeepers introduces you Simon Miller, a man who has this extrodinary capability. This superb free game tells a story of a man named Simon Miller, a man whose once bright future as a starship captain was wrongfully taken away in order to cover for the incompetence of his superiors. Now as a working captain of a cargo vessel, deeply in debt and in love with alcohol, he's about to embark to an adventure of lifetime. Gameplay of StarFight VI consists of three integral parts: problem solving, combat and space exploration. In order to beat the game, you'll need sharp wits as well as an itchy trigger finger. There is a complete freedom of movement in SF6, no missions are restricted to a small, confined region of space. This freedom often gives several different tactical options of approach to hazardous situation, but it also forces player to consider his actions much more carefully and relate them to available resources. Separate adventure sections are also something unique to StarFight VI. They help to advance the story from more personal perspective, and also to highlight what actually goes on inside the craft and spacestations you encounter. On the surface, the adventure sections are very much like the legendary text-based Gateway adventure games. However, the gameplay is much more streamlined and simple, everything works by an easy-to-use point-and-click interface.
Free Game ~189MB (@ Official Site)
Free Game189MB (@ GameNavigator)

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