Still Life 2 GameCo Studios / Microids 2009

One of the most talked about games the past couple of years has been Still Life. With its abrupt and ambiguous ending caused by financial difficulties at MICROƏDS, speculation about the killer has been rampant and pleas for a sequel have resounded in the adventure community. This new installment, unlike its predecessor, will be in real-time 3D. To the relief of many, the game promises to answer the question of who the killer was in Still Life, while beginning an all-new investigation for FBI agent and profiler Victoria McPherson. The story centers on another serial killer, the East Coast Torturer, who completely washes his victims after their murder to rid them of clues. Victoria finds herself in Maine after the body of a young woman, supposedly a victim of the killer, is found. A journalist, Paloma Hernandez, who has also been investigating the killings and has been critical of the FBI's investigation, asks to meet Victoria to give her evidence, but Hernandez is captured by the East Coast Torturer. Players will be able to play as both Victoria McPherson and Paloma Hernandez with two different viewpoints and styles of gameplay. As Victoria, you will be investigating the killer and as Paloma, you will be trying to survive after being kidnapped.
DVD ISO Demo 3.72GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Level Demo 1.04GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)

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