Synnergist Vicarious Visions, Inc. / 21st Century Entertainment Ltd. 1996

In Synnergist you take on the role of Tim Machin, an ambitious young journalist forced by cruel circumstances to work for a trashy tabloid newspaper. Set in the year 2010, the game puts you on the street of New Arthus - a city of extremes, crammed with both cutting edge technology and the decaying remnants of a once proud past. The City is tormented by every crime imaginable: murders, muggings, drug dealing and prostitution. Very soon you find yourself on the trail of a sinister force that appears to be connected to the crime and killing. It's a classic point and click 3rd person adventure which features over 70 digitized actors, over 2 hours of full motion video, 60 hand-painted backgrounds, more than 5 hours of digital sound and speech and an original atmospheric musical score. The complex storyline with multiple endings generates over 50 hours of gameplay. Five years went into the making of Synnergist which is a DOS only game and has VGA graphics.
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ISO Demo 304MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Full Demo with DOSBox 311MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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