Time Stand Still: A Carol Reed Mystery MDNA Games 2006

Amateur detective Carol Reed returns for her third mystery in this game made by an independent Swedish developer. The new first-person, slideshow-style adventure uses the same point and click interface and watercolour graphics effect as the previous games in the series, Remedy and Hope Springs Eternal, but will also include a feature to bypass the more complicated puzzles. This time around, Carol stumbles upon a new case while browsing through a local newspaper. A seemingly haunted house leads her to a complicated chain of events, which go all the way back to World War II, involving characters long forgotten by history, but not by fate.
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WinVista/Sound Patch (uploaded by Official Site)
ISO Demo 467MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 472MB (uploaded by zobraks)
included in Carol Reed 1-3 Full Demo installers to run on modern o/s 1.10GB (uploaded by EuroFan98)

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