Timeline Timeline Computer Entertainment / Eidos Interactive 2000

Based on Michael Crichton's latest best-selling novel (before it was adapted into a movie), Timeline opens on the threshold of the twenty-first century. It is a world of exploding advances on the frontiers of technology. Information moves instantly between two points, without wires or networks. Computers are built from single molecules. Any moment of the past can be actualized - and a group of historians can enter, literally, life in fourteenth-century feudal France. Combining a science of the future with the complex realities of the medieval past, Timeline carries us into a realm of unexpected suspense and danger, overturning our most basic ideas of what is possible. You are part of a team of archaeologists excavating an historic region of modern day France. Your team leader, Professor Johnston, has mysteriously disappeared leaving behind an unexpected videotape addressed to you with an imperative request. Now you must travel back to fourteenth century France to rescue him. Even with Crichton as lead designer of the game, it received generally bad reviews.
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ISO Demo 513MB (uploaded by Egon68) WinXP Fix (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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