Twinsen's Odyssey / Little Big Adventure 2 Adeline Software International / Activision, Inc. 1997

After freeing the world of Twinsun from it's evil dictator in the previous game, the hero Twinsen has since gotten married is planning to have a child and has settled down at home. When suddenly Twinsen's friend dino-fly is hurt. Further investigation reveals that there is something strange going on in the skies on Twinsun and indeed... visitors from outer space have arrived. Twinsen once again embarks out on a quest for the good of his world. The game has a similar interface and controls to the first game. Indeed, the 4 stances - Normal, Aggressive, Sneaky and Athletic have returned and you will need to use each of them in certain situations, as well as Twinsen's magical ability to progress. The planet is also still populated with its various interesting races including Rabbibunnies, Gloums, Blafards and Sups. Without a doubt two of the most unique and revolutionary underdogs ever, Little Big Adventure 1 and 2 are charming isometric SVGA adventures that deftly weave action, RPG (spellcasting), and traditional adventure into a wholly engrossing gaming experience. Intuitive interface, vibrant graphics, and wonderful and unique plots make them a worthy successor to Alone in The Dark, designed by the same team. The games are almost perfect, except that late-game combat sequences are a tad too difficult and will frustrate adventure gamers who are reflexes-impaired.
Level Demo ~14Mb ( @
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Full Demo 24MB (uploaded by
Clone ISO Demo 619MB (uploaded by Meddle)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2_1.0_(28192) 7185MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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