Udoiana Raunes 2 Stefan Zwanzger & Thomas Wagner 1998

This is a sequel to Udoiana Raunes, a great Indiana Jones fan game created by two German programmers. Subtitled "Special Edition", the second game in this series is more of an "in-joke" game created to make fun of (presumably) professors the authors knew in real life. It is set on campus, and is a rather short game, although some puzzles are quite interesting and require multiple steps to solve. It features the same icon-based interface from Udoiana Raunes, similar to Lucasarts' classics. You click on the verb, and the object from your inventory or on screen to execute the action. Fun dialogues with well-designed NPCs, nice puzzles, and a great atmosphere make it worthy of every adventure gamer's attention.
Free Game 1.4MB (uploaded by Adventure's Planet)

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