Urban Runner Coktel Vision / Sierra 1996

The game is an interactive movie adventure spanning four CD-ROMs, divided into Clue and Actions turns. The player character is Max (played by Brandon Massey), an American journalist in Paris, covering a story about a drug dealer shielded by an influential politician. To get the druglord talking, the player offers him photographs, but when the player arrives he is dead, and the player is framed for the murder. Urban Runner was not too popular at the time due to high graphics and monitor resolution requirements; there are very few reviews that have been released about the game.
4CD ISO Demo 1.6GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Virtual Machine to run game on modern systems *Copy all 4 CDs to a folder then start with scummvm.exe (uploaded by ScummVM)
Full Demo with ScummVM 1.45GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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