Versailles 1685 Cryo Interactive Entertainment / Canal+Multimédia, Réunion des Musées Nationaux 1997

This game gives you a real feel for what it was really like to live as one of the elite at the Court of Louis XIV of France (the Sun King), and for the opulence and richness of his Palace at Versailles. The Palace has been faithfully recreated in all its glory... including the solid gold trim, the elaborately painted ceilings, the marble inlaid floors, the gorgeous furniture, the indoor and outdoor cultivated tropical plants, the famous Hall of Mirrors and the equally famous Garden Maze, and even the priceless paintings on the walls. You can explore and look around to your heart's content both during the game and in the 'Tour Only' feature. Almost everything can be viewed up close, and it's all accompanied by the style of classical music that was popular at the time. Most of the major rooms are named, and can be referenced for history and function in the encyclopedia that is part of the game. All of the famous people, mistresses, and many of the servants are in the extravagant Court dress of the era. They can likewise be clicked on to access their personal histories, including their jealousies and political intrigues, and how they fit into the situation at the time of the game. In addition you can access information about the customs of the time, what happened after Louis died, and many other interesting facts about the era. The adventure game itself looks like it was designed to enhance your appreciation for these elements, and is simple and straightforward. It all takes place during one day in the life of the King and is divided into segments corresponding to what he did at that particular time of day, because Court life revolved around him. You play Lalande, one of the King's personal bedchamber valets, an honor and an important position in those days. There's 25 hours of gameplay set in history's most beautiful palace and featuring OMNI 3D that lets you look and move around freely in an entirely 3D environment. Over 30 characters are modelled in 3D from period portraits, that bring back to life actual historical figures. Over 200 paintings can be studied close up, and there's a soundtrack of 40 minutes of Baroque music, true to the period.
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2CD ISO Demo1.04GB (upped by Egon68)
DVD ISO Demo 3.42GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo with ScummVM 893MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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