Voodoo Castle Scott Adams / Adventure International 1981

This is #4 in the series of Scott Adams adventures and his wife Alexis wrote this one. Count Cristo lies cursed in a coffin and a trance, and only you can wake him. Beyond that, the background is unexplained. Minimalist but fairly dense, with somewhat eclectic fittings (as the title implies). Two-word parser, one use per object, quite a bit of information-hunting. A nice one of its type; Alexis is creative in her stories.

See also: #Scott Adams Collection

Full Demo (@ IFDB)
Browser-Playable Version ( @ iFiction)
Browser-Playable Java Version ( @ FreeArcade)
Included in Scott Adams Adventures folder of Infocom Universe Bootleg Full Demo (provided by Gr.Viper & uploaded by Molitor) 389MB

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