Welt Der Wunder: Eine Insel in Gefahr [G] Terzio / Brain Game Publishing 2001

An island in danger - this is a fascinating 3D-Adventure based on the popular science magazine "World of Wonder". Slip into the role of Benjy, who tops the "World of Wonder" Center. With fate and knowledge, you must solve tricky mysteries in order to save the island. But have no fear! With hints from the "World of Wonder" Center you created, the secrets will be aired. With this adventure game, you not only experience a large adventure, but also experience a quantity of unbelievable nature phenomena and technical developments. Do you actually know how a volcano develops or how the greenhouse effect comes about? How can one supply power to whole cities with the help of the sun's rays? Does wind force have likewise influence on our power supply? Where do the small Koalas grow up? On all these questions and still many more you find on this CD-ROM answers and see fascinating pictures from the magazine World of Wonder as well.
German 2CD ISO Demo 1.11GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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