Zero Critical Istvan Pely Productions / Bethesda Softworks 1998

The last game to date by Istvan Pely, this is definitely the best game out of all three games he designed (the other two being Majestic and Syn-Factor). Which is to say: it has an excellent sci-fi storyline and characters, but is unfortunately far too short and has puzzles that are far too easy. You are Chatt Rhuller, an agent of the Interstellar Transportation Commission (ITC). Even though you are a new recruit, you are sent to a planet called Rheom 1 to investigate a murder. There, in a research facility for a top-secret project, a scientist went mad and attacked the chief scientist, Dr. Victoria Fayn. She shot and killed him, claiming self-defense. You are sent to investigate because this is not the first time that someone has gone insane on that planet, although it is the first time that anyone has been violent. Some speculate that it is the constant daylight that drives people insane, but it seems that something more is going on. Most of this information about the story is set up both in the manual and in the opening sequence of the game. The story held a lot of promise, and could have been excellent if it was longer. Unlike a lot of adventures, the objects you collect have very obvious uses, and one does not need to rely on some sense of warped logic to solve the puzzles. If you find a computer interface terminal, you find the nearest conduit to use it in. The game world is fairly small - most of the action happens in a fraction of the possible areas to visit. It's an enjoyable game, and one that reminds of traditional adventure games of the past. If you want to pass the time with an enjoyable, albeit short, traditional adventure game, look no further than this one.
Full Demo 26MB (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo319MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Full Demo with DOSBox 278MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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