Zoombinis Logical Journey / Zoombinis Maths Journey Learning Company, The / Broderbund 1996

In this kids adventure, the Zoombinis are successful and live on an island called Zoombini Isle. One day their lives are interrupted by a somewhat evil race known as the Bloats, who offer to expand their businesses and improve their quality of life. "Being trusting sorts, the Zoombinis agreed." However the Bloats simply wanted to dominate the land, and punished all the Zoombinis. To restore their lives the Zoombinis decide to run away and set sail on a boat to find a new homeland (which is later called "Zoombiniville"). To complete the game you must transport 625 zoombinis to Zoombiniville but they can only go 16 at a time, and they must cross many obstacles that require logic to get past. It's designed to promote logical thinking in children of all ages. The Broderbund game is built with QuickTime and was designed to run on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. A Deluxe Version was released in 2001 and was built with DirectX to run on Windows XP. It includes an additional disc of Printable Activities. In 2015, a remake titled simply Zoombinis was released with updated graphics for all the backgrounds and characters, while retaining the voices and music from the original game. The Steam version also includes: Digital poster and wallpapers, Mobile ringtones for Android and iOS devices, Original soundtrack.
Deluxe ISO Demo 89MB (uploaded by hfric)
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ISO Demo 241MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
2001 Deluxe 2CD ISO Demo (includes Printable Acitivities CD) 101+497MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Video Reviews
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Full Demo with DOSBox 234MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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