Zork Quest 2: The Crystal of Doom Tom Snyder Productions, Inc. / Infocom 1988

This was the second Infocomic in the ZorkQuest series. The unique element of this software was you could "follow" the narrative from a single characters POV, or "jump" to a new characters POV. Thus, you could re-read the story again and learn new things about how the characters different paths affected each other and the outcome of the story. The display techology used a 3D vector format; Many scenes scaled (like zooming on a camera lens) at a sacrifice of detailed graphic textures colors. Zork Quest 2 picks up where Zork Quest 1 left off: Egreth Castle and the land of Quendor once again found peace... but soon new troubles start brewing again after Moog, a mischievous young sorceress, stole an ancient spellbook that would give her powers unmatched by any other sorceror. It's up to a band of four brave souls, including the royal wizard Frobwit, to vanquish the evil once again. It's more captivating and longer than Zork Quest 1.
Full Demo 256kb ( @ Juego Viejo)
Included in Infocomics folder of: Infocom Universe Bootleg Full Demo (provided by Gr.Viper & uploaded by Molitor) 389MB
Booter Image ISO Demo 284kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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