Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen Leaf / Aquaplus 2002

This is a Japanese adult visual novel. Waking up injured, a man finds himself in a small village after being rescued by an apprentice physician. Having no memory of who he is and a mask he cannot take off, he decides to live with the other villagers peacefully. But peace is fragile, as a single event in their village plunges himself and his fellow villagers into a path of war. A DVD-ROM edition was later released on December 12, 2003. Unlike most turn-based strategy games, the story is linear and there is no voice acting in the PC version. A PlayStation 2 port, featuring a new battle system by Flight Plan (of the Summon Night series) came out in 2006 and included voice acting and several other changes to enhance gameplay but the adult graphics and scenes were removed. There were also manga and anime spinoffs. In 2008, a fan-made English translation patch was released. In 2021, an official English port for Windows was released.
ISO Demo & English Translation 928MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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