Barbie Storymaker Optimum Interactive / Mattel Interactive 1999

Unlike books and television shows, where you have no input into the storyline direction or character makeup, Barbie Storymaker lets you bring Barbie stories to life. You choose the setting, the props, and the characters. Have your story play out in the mall, at the beach, in the ballet studio, or plan a storyline in and around the Barbie Dream House. As the author and creator of your interactive story, you can name (many of) your characters and direct their movements. Choose from Barbie dolls, animals, friends, and family. Have the characters' dialogue appear as onscreen text or record your own voice and add sound effects. Once you've constructed your tale, link the scenes together and watch the Barbie stories play out. In addition to making stories for your computer screen, you can design real coloring book pages to print on your ink jet or laser printer.
ISO Demo 117MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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Barbie Creastorie - Italian ISO Demo 47MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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