Heirs To St. Pauli, The Grasland Production 2008

St. Pauli - this is Hamburg's most famous district, in the whole wide world known and attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Enjoy musicals, plays, concerts, erotic shows, old seaman bars, Rotlichtmillieu, museums and maritime atmosphere. Ready to dive directly into your new business as the boss of Hamburg's world-famous Redlight District St.Pauli? Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the well known Reeperbahn on your PC in this funny and complex ecosim bringing you the real St.Pauli flair to your computer. You are about to become the lucky owner of a peepshow club. However, closer inspection reveals that its a run-down wreck of a place, permanently devoid of customers. Its time to give your new premises a wake-up call and start pulling those customers in. Begin climbing the ladder of red-light district fame stop at nothing to achieve your ends - power, wealth and women - and to gain a little respectability on the way up, you can even try to get on to your local soccer clubs Board of Directors. Prove you can turn your shoddy little peepshow club into a winner choose your employees with care, because only the hottest strippers will pull in those heavy-breathing customers and you wont find those sinuous, sexy sirens on every street corner. Build up your business connections with the harbour officials and get first-hand information about the arrival of the next ships docking in Hamburg ships full of love-hungry sailors. Authentic Reeperbahn St.Pauli atmosphere Complex ecosim, with intuitive control. Numerous, wily ways to improve your operation - like choosing your own show-equipment, selecting your sexy staff etc.
DVD ISO Demo 2.03GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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