Cross Town I: Giften [Da] Deadline Games / Vision Park 1999

This is a Danish adventure - Giften ("The Poison") is the tale of journalist Minna Walker and her quest to uncover if someone poisoned the water supply of the city of CrossTown. Giften was the first game in what was meant to be a CrossTown trilogy. It was made after a manuscript by the Danish author Merete Pryds Helle. The game takes place in the fictive city of Crosstown, where the player controls the journalist Minna Walker, who works at the newspaper The Globe. During the course of her job, she uncovers a connection between the city sewers and a string of sickness that has befallen several of the residents of the city. Digging deeper, Walker finds that a plan to poison the sewers with toxic waste from a local power plant has ties to a tale of lost love and old grudges, and she gets to learn about the lives of those involved. The game stars a unique graphic landscape consisting of hand-drawn environments and characters, of black and yellow colors only. Items, characters and environment that can be interacted with is highlighted in deep yellow at mouse-over. Walker can interview residents of Crosstown, although her own lines are limited to 3-4 default sentences (an introduction, a request for help etc.). Consequently, most of the dialogue in the games is actually monologues by the other characters. Minna Walker cannot die in the game, so there is no " Game over". Some bugs, however, may sometimes render the game unsolvable.
Swedish ISO Demo (provided by SwedeBear & upped by Scaryfun) 371MB

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