Cross Town II: Angeln [Da] Deadline Games / Vision Park 2000

Englen (which was originally planned to be the third game in the franchise, but the middle one, Manipulatoren, was never finished). This Danish adventure, Angel, has the action take place among the inhabitants of the strange little town cross town, but the angel is not a mystery you must solve. This time it's your job to help two people in distress. The first time you meet Fred and Norman, is in a hospital. Fred, who is an ordinary nurse must obtain a patient who has suffered a fire accident and transport him to a specialist clinic. But what appears to be a trivial patient transport evolves into a complicated affair. Patient Norman turns out to be insane and the specialty clinic know absolutely nothing to the point, Fred is now hanging onto a patient who he has no idea what to do with. Fred has plenty of problems in his own life. Life has not gone as he had hoped. Fred's ex-wife committed suicide and his son Tanino is entangled in some problems with the drug environment. It is no wonder that Fred has lost faith in the future. Norman is a patient also with problems. He lives in his own world, which is covered with ocean and filled with strange mythological creatures. In Norman's water world is he not an insane patient, but a person aboard a raft on the way to God. Peace is not usual, but he has a companion of a small furry creature - a Derf. In The Angel, two suffering souls are brought together by a whim of fate. They can not communicate with each other and they understand nothing of each other's worlds. But somewhere in the meeting between the two is that which can open up and change their plight. It's up to you to find and therefore you are an angel in this interactive road movie.
Screenshots (click Englen)
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Swedish ISO Demo (provided by SwedeBear & upped by Scaryfun) 400MB

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