TAGAP 2: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 2 Penguin Development Team 2011

TAGAP 2 picks up almost immediately after the first game. Our penguin heroes Pablo and Pedro are now working together. To their surprise they find out that Dr. Glowenko wasn't working on his own but for a gigantic corporation. And indeed, following the clues they accidentally wake up General Primo, the super-improved cyber penguin hell-bent on world domination. What results is a mad dash and an epic clash between our heroes and the endless zombie penguin army of General Primo. Unless Pablo and Pedro manage to stop whatever-crazy-plan Primo has, it's the Second Penguin Apocalypse – and for real this time! In terms of gameplay, the game plays like its predecessor - or its close genre-cousins Abuse and Walker - only with greatly expanded move repertoire; Pablo can tummy slide, stomp down from the air, do double jumps and toss grenades. There's also a split-screen co-op with Pedro joining the battle with Pablo side-by-side.
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TAGAP 1+2 - Remastered Free Games 320MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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